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Artificial Intelligence Training - AI

Become a LinkedIn automation master with Linked Helper.

  • Invitation Automation: Linked Helper lets you send personalized invitations at scale, targeting prospects based on specific criteria such as their company, job title, location and more.

  • Auto Follow: Stay in touch with your connections with automatic follow up messages. Linked Helper helps you maintain a relationship with your contacts without manual effort.

  • Data Extraction: Collect valuable information about your prospects, like email addresses and contact details, to enrich your database and refine your prospecting strategies.

Maximize your effectiveness on LinkedIn

Training - Linked Helper

Training aims


Master the Linked Helper tool for automating your activities on LinkedIn


Automate sending invitations and messages to grow your network

🧐 Skills developed


Organize and manage your contacts efficiently


Mastering Invitation and Message Automation


Be able to automate interaction with content


Have data extraction skills for prospecting

Linked helper, the ultimate tool for automating your actions on LinkedIn!

Why Linked Helper is an asset for professionals

Efficiency and automation are key to standing out. LinkedHelper gives you the ability to optimize your presence on LinkedIn, allowing you to focus on building meaningful relationships while automating repetitive tasks. Whether you are a salesperson, a recruiter or a professional looking to expand your network, Linked Helper is the tool you need.

How Linked Helper transforms your approach to LinkedIn

By automating the connection, follow-up, and engagement processes, you can grow your network and business opportunities while saving time. This tool is designed to help you navigate and leverage LinkedIn in a more strategic and personalized way, giving you an edge in your industry.

In conclusion, Linked Helper presents itself as an essential partner for professionals wishing to get the most out of LinkedIn. Its ability to simplify and automate essential tasks not only frees up valuable time, but also ensures a more efficient and focused presence on the platform. By leveraging the advanced features of Linked Helper, you can transform your strategy on LinkedIn, making this platform a powerful lever for the development of your career or business.

🛠 Pré-requis


Avoir un compte LinkedIn


Proficiency in common web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox

Get a training program 🤩

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Page last updated on 05/09/2023

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