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"Do you have a project?"

MasterClass request 🤩

IMPORTANT: The free offer is available from a team of 5 employees

MasterClass LinkedIn and other social networks

With our Master Classes, make your teams aware of the potential of Social Business.

Depending on your DNA, BtoB or BtoC, your objectives: Sales, HR or marketing, register for our Master Classes. Plus some are free.


Lasting 45 minutes to 3 hours, benefit from a short format to understand the issues and discover the first tips for becoming: a good community manager, an excellent Social Seller, a successful Social Recruiter; or even a sharp social leader.

eloRezo hosts private and free MasterClasses

Your teams actors of your social networks!

"The hour of the end of discoveries never rings"


eloRezo offers different Master Class formats

eloRezo offers you 1h30 of free MasterClass

Need a FAST FREE MasterClass?

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Understand the potential of LinkedIn

1h30 to make your sales and/or HR teams aware of the strength of LinkedIn

LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram

Ambassador Program

> First stage

30 min to understand and analyze the launch of an Ambassador program (Employee Advocacy)

Profiles at the top!

Analysis and exchanges

1 hour to analyze the quality of your employees' profiles and their potential

Need a 3h MasterClass

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Acculturate a CoDir

3 hours to acculturate your CoDir to the commercial and/or HR assets of social networks


Action Plan - Lvl 1

3 hours to determine an action plan to generate engagement on social networks?


Create a tailor-made profile

3h to start with a good profile on LinkedIn or Instagram or Tiktok


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