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"Do you have a project?"

Artificial Intelligence Training - AI

🔍 Advanced Image Generation : Midjourney lets you create unique images from simple text descriptions. Whether you're looking for illustrations for a project, visuals for your marketing campaigns, or simply want to explore your creativity, Midjourney transforms your words into images.

📢 Customization and iteration : With Midjourney, adjust settings to refine your results, explore different interpretations of your ideas, and iterate quickly to perfect your creations.

📊 Understanding AI in the creative process : This training teaches you how artificial intelligence can become a valuable tool in your creative process, helping you open new avenues of artistic exploration.

 Transformez vos idées en visuels époustouflants

Formation iA - Midjourney pour générer des visuels uniques

Training aims


Master Midjourney for creative innovation and project development


Develop a strategic approach to visual creation, leveraging Midjourney capabilities

🧐 Skills developed


Know how to initiate and personalize image creations with Midjourney


Use Midjourney for collaboration and improvement of creative projects


Integrate Midjourney into your creative routine to reduce production time


Understand the principles of AI applied to visual creation

Why Midjourney is a benefit for creatives

Midjourney, thanks to its advanced features, allows you to push the limits of creativity. This tool offers a new way to conceptualize and visualize, making the creative process more intuitive and accessible.

How Midjourney drives innovation

Midjourney offers a simple interface that hides complex technology, allowing all users to generate high-quality images. By simply entering text descriptions, you can explore endless variations and discover visual perspectives you never imagined. This stimulates innovation by opening up the field of possibilities in all creative fields.

How Midjourney promotes engagement and collaboration

By making it easy to share creations and enabling rapid iterations, Midjourney encourages collaboration between teams. This tool becomes a bridge between ideas and their realization, allowing all members of a team to participate in the creative process, regardless of their technical design skills.

In conclusion, Midjourney is revolutionizing the way we approach visual creation. Thanks to this training, you will be able to take full advantage of this AI tool to enrich your creative projects, stimulate innovation, and collaborate more effectively.

🛠 Prerequisites


Have a paid subscription to ChatGPT to access advanced GPT features


Basic knowledge of using web tools

Get a training program 🤩

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Page last updated on 05/09/2023

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