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Artificial Intelligence Training - AI

We enable participants to:

  • ​Understand the key concepts of AI and its impact on marketing

  • Identify the opportunities offered by AI to enrich and personalize communication with audiences.

  • Use AI tools for data analysis, audience segmentation and personalized content creation.

  • Develop AI-assisted campaigns, leveraging technologies such as chatbot and personalized recommendations.

  • Analyze campaign effectiveness with AI tools

Boost your Marketing and Communication strategies with AI

iA Training for Communicators

Training aims


Maîtriser l'IA pour le marketing et la communication


Optimize campaigns with AI

🧐 Skills developed


Deeply understand AI and its application in marketing and communication


Using AI to improve content, ads and customer experience


Collaborate with other teams to integrate AI into marketing


Analyze the impact of campaigns and optimize marketing efforts

Artificial Intelligence Training for Communicators

Why AI is an asset for communications and marketing professionals

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an essential tool for communication and marketing professionals. Thanks to AI, it is possible to analyze complex data on a large scale and personalize communication campaigns effectively.

How AI helps target the most relevant audiences

With AI, it is possible to target audiences in a more precise and relevant way. AI algorithms analyze large volumes of data to identify consumer behavior patterns and preferences. This allows communications professionals to segment their audience more finely and personalize their message for each target group.

How AI helps you listen and understand your audience's needs

AI plays a crucial role in analyzing sentiments and trends on social media and other online platforms. By analyzing user conversations and feedback, professionals can understand the needs, concerns and expectations of their audience.

In conclusion, AI is essential for communications and marketing professionals who want to innovate and stay competitive in an ever-changing environment. Using AI, it is possible to achieve in-depth market understanding, optimize communications and marketing strategies, and deliver personalized campaigns that capture attention and drive audience engagement.

🛠 Prerequisites


Have a Chat GPT account and a Google account to use Bard


Proficiency in common web browsers

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