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Artificial Intelligence Training - ai

We enable participants to:

  • Understand how Artificial Intelligence can be a real asset in your business

  • Implement a working method and an efficient organization around AI.

  • Build and maintain an AI adoption strategy.

  • Develop a deep understanding of AI-based tools.

  • Measure the quality and effectiveness of their actions with AI.

Discover and Integrate AI into your Business

Artificial Intelligence training

Training aims


Understand the fundamentals and key concepts of AI.


Identify the opportunities and challenges associated with AI in the business world

🧐 Skills developed


Define AI and distinguish its applications in your business


Assess the potential benefits and challenges of AI for a business.


Use generative AI-based tools to improve speaking, communication, commerce, and recruiting.


Collaborate and critically reflect on the implementation of AI.

Detailed program of our training in Artificial Intelligence​

Session 1: Introduction to AI and its implications 

Dive into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence, discover its importance and how it shapes our future.

  • Ice Breaker & energizing: Start with a playful exercise to arouse your curiosity and prepare your mind.

  • "Feeling & AI" workshop: Explore your current emotions and perceptions regarding AI.

  • Presentation of the fundamentals of AI : Discover the basics and essential concepts of AI.

Session 2: Areas of application and tools of AI 

Learn where and how AI is used in the professional world and how it can transform your business.

  • Areas of application of AI in the company:Find out how AI is being used in various industries such as finance, marketing, and more.

  • ChatGPT demo for various roles: See how an AI-powered tool can be used to improve communication, speaking, and more.

Session 3: Collective intelligence workshop 

Engage in a collaborative reflection on the adoption and integration of AI in your business.

  • Introduction to the Agile Boat Method: Discover an innovative method to address the challenges and opportunities of AI.

  • Practical workshop: Work in groups to discuss and developAI adoption strategies.

  • Restitution and synthesis: Share your ideas and conclusions with the other participants.

Session 4: AI integration and conclusion 

Learn how to implement AI in your business and discuss next steps.

  • Key steps to integrating AI: Discover an action plan for successful AI adoption.

  • Open Discussion and Q&A: Ask your questions, share your concerns and experiences.

  • Conclusion and Closing: Summarize the key points covered and discover additional resources to dive deeper into the topic.

🛠 Prerequisites


Have a Chat GPT account and a google account for using Bard


Proficiency in common web browsers

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