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"Do you have a project?"

Training aims


Develop a successful Social Seller profile to prospect on LinkedIn


Learn new skills in your daily routine on LinkedIn

🧐 Skills developed


Understand the LinkedIn interface, master its main working areas, use it effectively


Understand what makes a LinkedIn network effective, know how to use
in depth the search engine


Understand the philosophy and the main uses and codes of LinkedIn


Understand how engagement works on LinkedIn

Complete Training Course: from Project Monitoring to the deployment of Social Selling on LinkedIn


Embark on a complete and innovative training course, combining the essential skills of project monitoring withmastery of social selling on LinkedIn. This carefully designed program adapts to your needs and gives you all the tools to the world of digital networking. Each module is designed to provide you with specific skills, while emphasizing tangible results.

Project Monitoring

Achieve your goals with precision with our robust project tracking strategy. eloRezo will organize the crucial stages of monitoring and project management to ensure the respect of deadlines and the quality of deliverables.

  • Definition and rigorous monitoring of key stages.

  • In-depth analysis of results and profiles for optimal performance.

  • Identifying and adjusting gaps to ensure success.


Explore the world of social selling and the vast opportunities LinkedIn offers for commerce and marketing. This awareness will allow you to understand the relevance of LinkedIn in the current market context.

  • Introduction to the untapped potential of social selling and recruiting on LinkedIn.

  • Thorough understanding of the strategic opportunities offered by the platform.


Training engineering on the whole project.

Each project is unique and requires a personalized approach from the trainer. We will model the program to your measurements according to the precise needs of your team, thus guaranteeing optimized results.

  • Training adapted according to the level and objectives of the participants.

  • Integration of continuous feedback for constant evolution.


Social Selling - The Fundamentals of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is much more than just a professional social network. By mastering its fundamentals, you can transform your profile into a powerful and effective sales tool, thus optimizing your digital presence.

  • Maximum use of LinkedIn features for an impactful digital presence.

  • Use of advanced technologies, including AI, for optimized interactions.


Social Selling - The Collective Social Business Model

The strength of the collective is undeniable. By adopting a collaborative strategy on LinkedIn and other platforms, you can amplify your impact and achieve bigger goals.

You will discover ourCanvas "Social Business Model"

  • Implementation of a collaborative strategy for a unified presence on social networks.

  • Use of innovative digital tools for effective communication.


Social Selling - Consulting on the Collective Social Business Model

Let yourself be guided by experts who have proven themselves. Thanks to their strategic recommendations, you can boost your sales and strengthen your image on LinkedIn, while having a clear vision of the direction to take.

  • Strategic recommendation for maximum effectiveness on LinkedIn.

  • Action plan based on an expert analysis of the context and needs.


Social Selling - The Individual Social Business Model

Individuality matters. This training equips you with the skills to tailor your social selling strategy to your personal needs, ensuring more meaningful interactions and more satisfying results on LinkedIn.

  • Strategies and tools for a personalized and successful approach on LinkedIn.

  • Tailoring content and techniques to individual needs for optimal results.

Learn Linkedin and achieve Social Selling

What is Social Selling?

Social selling is a complex and rich process of researching, connecting, listening, understanding, sharing and interacting with prospects on social networks such as Linkedin. All to serve business purposes.

What is the role of a Social Seller?

The social seller is the new commercial; in other words, a 21st century salesperson is necessarily a social seller. No more insistent “salesman” who knocks on doors or someone who absolutely wants to sell his product / service to a company whose context or needs he does not really know. The social seller analyzes the social networks of his prospects, he listens to them, he creates qualitative content for these targets and uses it to exchange with them.

What results?

A good social selling strategy can significantly expand your network, win leads and ultimately generate sales. This also helps to better retain existing customers, to develop them with additional or cross-sales. In fact, Social Selling makes it possible to feed the 3 main processes found in Commercial Efficiency.

How to set it up?

Implementing a social selling strategy requires time, tools and specific skills. And above all, you have to ask yourself the right questions and provide all the answers required. eloRezo can lead your teams to acquire all the necessary skills carefully and sustainably thanks to our social selling training

🛠 Prerequisites


Have a LinkedIn and Chat GPT account created


Proficiency in common web browsers

LinkedIn Training - Social Selling

We enable participants to:

  • Implement a working method and an efficient organization onLinkedIn from their web browser

  • Build and maintain a complete and impactful profile

  • Develop a strategic audience

  • Master the tools of Generative Artificial Intelligence

  • Publish content in a complete and efficient way

  • To interact with other users of the network and their content, so as to generate business opportunities

  • Measure the quality and effectiveness of their actions in Social Selling 

Develop the digital network of salespeople

LinkedIn - Selling with Social Selling Training

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Page last updated on 05/09/2023

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