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"Do you have a project?"



Define an editorial line linked to your employer brand


Understanding performance levers: Content / Animation / Audience

🧐 Skills developed


Perform a speaking routine and monitor your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)


Animate your profile by understanding the relevance of tags (@, #, comments)


Understand the animation of its relations within the framework of direct exchanges.


Define content that appeals to candidates

🛠 Prerequisites


Have knowledge of Social Recruiting in its "Audience" dimension


Master the public LinkedIn tool (Freemium or Premium)

Want to speak on LinkedIn, but want to speak with confidence? Our public speaking training will help you master your employer brand content for effective HR actions.

Get the best practices and tips for creating a successful recruiting routine on LinkedIn. With our training, you will master Social Recruiting perfectly and speak with confidence.

Learn to speak on LinkedIn

Develop your employer brand

Get a training program 🤩

with its detailed estimate

Dare to speak on LinkedIn when you're in Human Resources

The employer brand on LinkedIn: an essential dimension for your company

LinkedIn is the social network of choice for Human Resources, with more than 800 million users worldwide and 23 million in France. It's natural to think of LinkedIn as a key platform for building your employer brand.

An emotional and impactful tone, a human tone

To succeed in your employer branding strategy on LinkedIn, think that it is your profile that must speak and not the page. 

It is therefore important to adopt an emotional and impactful tone that encourages talent to take an interest in your messages. 

So, show your human side by sharing stories that illustrate your company culture, values and mission.

This can be employee testimonials, corporate videos, photos of your premises or your events.

By using an emotional and impactful tone, you show that you are a recruiter who cares about your employees and that you are ready to invest in their well-being and development.

This can encourage talent to apply to you, but also to recommend your company to other talents.

In conclusion, the employer brand on LinkedIn is a key lever for attracting and retaining talent, reinforcing your company's image as an employer of choice and mobilizing all of your company's stakeholders. To succeed with your employer branding strategy on LinkedIn, it is important to adopt an emotional and impactful tone that shows your human side and your values as a company.


Page last updated on 02/23/2023

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