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Matthew Valin

"Do you have a project?"



Understand the matrix of the “Social Business Model”


Know how to list the customers you are targeting

🧐 Skills developed


Understand the Maslowcase model


Apply the 4 stages of customer maturity


Understand the right KPIs (key performance indicators) and their use


Determine the appropriate routines over the year

🛠 Prerequisites


​Being a social media user


Mastering mobile and web interfaces

Make participants able to:


  • Understand what are the most important elements of a social media action plan: The 3 pillars of performance: Content, Audience, Animation

  • Determine their targets on social networks

  • Create and formulate social media content ideas

  • List the types of interlocutors with whom to connect on social networks

  • Realize what actions they will have to perform on a daily basis

  • Manage which actions to carry out in coordination with the other actors of the company, in particular the communication and marketing department

  • Measure their performance criteria (KPIs)

Create and implement your action plan on Social Networks

Training - Social Business Model ®

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Page last updated on 02/23/2023

The Social Business Model®

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