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Ambassador Program - Employee Advocacy

Discover the impact of the Ambassador Program on LinkedIn.

Turn your employees into true brand ambassadors on the most influential professional platform. With our dedicated training, dive into the fundamentals of Social Selling, explore best practices for optimizing profiles and engage your teams with proven strategies.

This training was co-created with our

Deploy your "Advocacy Strategy Design®"

Training & Workshop - Ambassador Program

Training aims


Establish a solid ambassador program aligned with the company's strategy.


Master the tools and techniques to strengthen the brand's presence on LinkedIn and other social networks if necessary.

🧐 Skills developed


Develop an effective content strategy to engage ambassadors and the community.


Ability to build and optimize a professional LinkedIn profile to reinforce your role as a brand ambassador.


Mastery of strategic interactions to strengthen its digital network (and particularly on LinkedIn).


Ability to train and guide other team members in implementing ambassador program strategies on LinkedIn.

Why choose our Ambassador Program for LinkedIn?

Alignment Strategy

Clearly define expectations, align goals with ambassador needs, and identify key personas for your project.

Collective Social Business Model

Build a collective social media action plan, target effectively, create responsive content with tools like ChatGPT, and collaborate as a team.

Expert Training

Empower your teams to use LinkedIn in recruiting, employer branding, and business development. From profile creation to strategic interaction, we cover it all.

Social Lover Training

Provide an in-depth introduction to the essentials of an optimal professional presence on LinkedIn. In just a few sessions, turn your employees into active and engaged brand ambassadors.

Training of Trainers

Empower your internal trainers to effectively instruct their learners on the strategic use of LinkedIn. Cover essential aspects such as implementing a working method, creating a quality profile and measuring effectiveness in Social Selling or Recruiting.

🛠 Prerequisites


Have a LinkedIn and Chat GPT account created


Proficiency in common web browsers

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Page last updated on 05/09/2023

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