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"Do you have a project?"

Social networks,

N°1 of WEB audience

Today all platforms are real vectors of BtoC sales.

You have boosted your Google SEO? 

Now think about your social media deployment

60% of BtoC companies* said that social media helps increase their revenue and sales.


This figure remains low; in our opinion it should be 100% 😉.

At eloRezo, to succeed in sales, we consider that salespeople must be involved on social networks, making them actors: social networks are not just a marketing tool.

We invite you to define your Social Networks strategy by integrating the marketing and commercial poles.

And the results are there, this new commercial synergy makes it possible to increase sales.

Marketing and Sales Unite! 🤩

BtoC: Increase your sales with Social Media

eloRezo supports you in your Employee Advocacy program

eloRezo offers you 45 min of free MasterClass

FREE MasterClass Request 🤩

IMPORTANT: The free offer is available from a team of 5 employees

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