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Training aims


Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator in customer relations and business development


develop a network of strategic contacts, in particular with the help of Sales Navigator

🧐 Skills developed


Know how to use the search engine specific to Sales Navigator


Know how to manage your contacts from Sales Navigator


Understand the routine to perform to perform on LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Learn how to create effective prospecting messages

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Why Sales Navigator is an asset for salespeople

Social Selling has become an indispensable asset for today's sales people. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, this paid application develops your professional networking.

You develop a network of prospects and qualified customers. To achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently, Sales Navigator optimizes your routine, it was designed to meet them.

How Sales Navigator helps you target the most relevant leads

With Sales Navigator, you can define precise criteria to target the most relevant prospects. Thanks to its advanced search functionalities, you can filter the results according to different criteria such as professional experience, skills, geographical location and much more. This saves you time and energy by focusing only on the prospects most likely to be interested in your offer.

How Sales Navigator helps you listen to your prospects' needs

Coupled with the Freemium or Premium version, listen to the needs and expectations of your prospects and succeed in your Social Selling. Sales Navigator lets you track your prospects' activity on LinkedIn, learn about their interests, and understand their online behavior.

You can also use its search features to find relevant discussions in your field and participate in them to start authentic conversations.

In conclusion, Sales Navigator is very relevant for any salesperson who wants to boost his commercial efficiency and obtain concrete results once he has understood the basics of Social Selling.

Sales Navigator can help you achieve your sales goals through its approach based on listening and personalization.

🛠 Prerequisites


Have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account created


Proficiency in common web browsers such as Chrome or Safari

Sales Navigator training

Become a LinkedIn expert with Sales Navigator. 

  • Advanced Search: Sales Navigator lets you search for prospects by advanced criteria, such as their company, position, location, industry, and more. You can also save searches for later reuse.

  • Lead Alerts: You can set up alerts to notify you whenever a potential lead changes their profile or is mentioned in the media.

  • Sales Dashboard: Sales Navigator lets you manage your sales opportunities, track your customers, and measure your performance in real time.

  • InMails messages: Sales Navigator gives you unlimited access to InMails messages, allowing you to contact prospects outside of your LinkedIn network.

  • Account Insights: Sales Navigator provides you with information about the companies you are interested in, such as their size, growth, competition, organizational structure.

Develop your business with the Social Seller tool

Training - LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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Page last updated on 02/23/2023

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