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"Do you have a project?"



Master the 4 main steps that a candidate follows in their job search.


Understand LinkedIn's place in the search journey that candidates follow.

🧐 Skills developed


Build a real digital recruitment action plan


Make in-depth use of the search engine on LinkedIn to effectively “source” candidates


Send the right approach messages to candidates


Implement all facilitation and interaction techniques on LinkedIn

🛠 Prerequisites


Have an operational LinkedIn account


Master common web browsers and know your target candidates

Complete Training Course:
Social Recruiting on LinkedIn

Social Recruiting has become an essential part of the modern recruitment landscape. With the rise of social networks, especially LinkedIn, recruitment has transformed to become more strategic, targeted and social. This comprehensive path guides you through all aspects of social recruiting, from understanding the fundamentals to applying advanced techniques.

Social Recruiting - The Fundamentals

Learn the basics of recruiting on LinkedIn. Master the interface, understand key metrics, and learn how to attract candidates using AI.

  • Creation and optimization of the recruiter profile

  • Mastery of the LinkedIn interface for recruitment

  • Candidate search techniques

  • Publishing strategies to attract talent

  • Use of AI for effective recruiting interactions

The Collective Social Business Model

Optimize your recruitment strategy on social networks by adopting a collective approach. Discover how to collaborate as a team for a more harmonious and effective strategy with theSocial Business FashionL.

  • Management of collaborative recruitment projects

  • Synergy and team collaboration

  • Mastery of digital tools dedicated to social recruitment

  • Identification and response to the needs of target candidates

  • Immersion in the Social Business model for recruitment

Support with a consultant

Benefit from personalized strategic advice to refine your recruitment method on social networks. From the initial diagnosis to the implementation of the strategy, benefit from a tailor-made approach to improve your recruitment methods.

  • Context and needs assessment

  • Close collaboration to define actions and content

  • Delivery of a detailed strategy guide for implementation

The Individual Social Business Model

Strengthen your individual skills for even more effective recruitment on social networks. Learn how to develop a personalized action plan and measure your effectiveness.

  • Strategic planning for targeted recruitment

  • Using Chat GPT for Writing Job Postings

  • Adaptation of collective content to an individual approach

  • Monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the procedures

The Practice of LinkedIn Recruiter

Dive into the heart of recruitment on social networks. Develop and expand your professional network and create content that appeals to your target candidates.

Skills developed :

  • Advanced search to identify candidates

  • Professional networking techniques on social platforms

  • Writing job offers and attractive content with the help of Chat GPT

Strengthening over a long period

Become a social selling expert on LinkedIn. Equip yourself with the tools and techniques necessary for an autonomous and successful approach.

Skills developed :

  • In-depth knowledge of the LinkedIn interface

  • Establishing an Effective Social Selling Routine

  • Collaboration with the Social Manager for effective synergy

  • Developing impactful sales content

Each module of this course has been designed to provide a complete and practical training on Social Recruiting. At the end of this path, you will be equipped to run effective and targeted recruitment campaigns on LinkedIn and other social platforms.

Social Recruiting training - training with LinkedIn

Do you want to attract talent to your company and increase the reputation of your company on the HR side?

With this training, learn to use all the HR performance levers present in LinkedIn

At the end of this training in Social Recruiting, your HR teams will be able to enhance the full potential of their profile to attract new employees.

Bring notoriety to your employer brand 

Training - Recruiting with LinkedIn and Social Recruiting

Page last updated on 05/09/2023

Developing Social Recruiting with LinkedIn

Social Recruiting: How to recruit effectively using social networks?

Social Recruiting is a recruitment strategy that consists of using social networks to find and attract the best candidates. Discover this method which is the most used to recruit effectively.

Definition of Social Recruiting: using social networks to find the best candidates

Social Recruiting is a recruitment technique that uses social networks to find the most suitable candidates for a company and its needs. It allows recruiters to find candidates who might not be visible on traditional recruiting channels.

The advantages of Social Recruiting: economical and effective

Social Recruiting has many advantages for companies. It makes it possible to recruit efficiently and economically, while reaching a wider audience. Social networks also offer tools to target the most qualified candidates and to provide them with information about the company and its values.

The key elements of Social Recruiting: building an effective recruitment strategy

To succeed with a Social Recruiting strategy, it is essential to build a presence on social networks relevant to your sector of activity. You also have to work on your employer brand image, create attractive job offers and use the targeting tools offered by social networks to reach the most qualified candidates.

How to set up a Social Recruiting strategy: find the best candidates through social networks

To implement an effective Social Recruiting strategy, it is essential to understand the specificities of each social network and to choose those that are best suited to its sector of activity and its target of candidates. You also have to work on your employer brand image, create relevant content to attract candidates, and use the targeting tools offered by social networks to reach the most qualified candidates. Finally, it is important to be responsive and respond quickly to applications and questions from candidates to maintain a positive image of the company.

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