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"Do you have a project?"

Optimize your visibility on social networks

Focus on Employee advocacy withSharee

In close collaboration with Sharee, elorezo offers you complete support in the co-construction of an "Advocacy Strategy".


Our approach to Employee Advocacy targets all your teams, especially those in communication and marketing. The essence of this program?


Establish a deep Intuiti Personæ relationship, seamlessly connecting participants' social networks to your corporate identity. This commitment optimizes the notor


ity, captures prospects, boosts sales, and refines your employer brand, while strengthening the cohesion of your teams.

Today your brand is expressed on different social networks; what if all the company's teams also played their part, became actors?

As you will have understood, eloRezo creates a synergy between all the driving forces of your company: the marketing / com pole and the other poles of your company (Commercial, HR, Prod...).

Through co-creation of the strategy and training of all teams, improve your visibility and manage your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

How about an ambassador program 🧐?

Optimize your visibility on social networks

FREE MasterClass Request 🤩

IMPORTANT: The free offer is available from a team of 5 employees


your ambassador program



Social Manager



"Social NetWork" action plan


Training and support inyour "Ambassador" program

Through a series of steps, we support the deployment of your ambassador program (employee advocacy).

Our training courses are tailor-made according to your context. 

A first phase of audit will be necessary, then all the driving forces of your company can be on board: Social Seller, Social Recruiter and finally the Social Lover.

The Social Business Model®

Discover our innovation

eloRezo supports you in your Employee Advocacy program

eloRezo offers you 45 min of free MasterClass

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