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Social Networks (LinkedIn) and Artificial Intelligence training

How to finance your training?

You can use your OPCA / OPCO to obtain financing for all or part of your training.

eloRezo is a DataDocked training and now Qualiopi.


Throughout the support, we will manage the administrative dimension with your human resources.​

Our eloRezo training courses allow you to implement the advanced functions of your favorite social networks. And achieve your goals.


Become an expert capable of producing the most relevant content, triggering and exploiting the best interactions and developing the most targeted audience.


Our bilingual trainers (French / English) are available face-to-face or remotely to work with your teams around the world.

eloRezo leads trainings on social networks

How to develop your digital networks? 

“In life, nothing is to be feared,
everything is to be understood.”

Marie Curie

Discover all our social media training

Do not hesitate any longer, a MasterClass is offered

Employee Advocacy - Communicators, develop your notoriety 

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Deploy Linked Helper

Learn how to automate your tasks, expand your network, and achieve your professional goals faster with Linked Helper


Automatiser avec les “GPTs”

Transform your daily professional life thanks to the powerful capabilities of GPTs, personalized virtual assistants.


Complete routes

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ChatGPT training

Master and deploy ChatGPT effectively within your organization.


Midjourney training

Train at Midjourney to exploit your creative potential.


Learn Linkedin and achieve Social Selling

What is Social Selling?

Social selling is a complex and rich process of researching, connecting, listening, understanding, sharing and interacting with prospects on social networks such as Linkedin. All to serve business purposes.

What is the role of a Social Seller?

The social seller is the new commercial; in other words, a 21st century salesperson is necessarily a social seller. No more insistent “salesman” who knocks on doors or someone who absolutely wants to sell his product / service to a company whose context or needs he does not really know. The social seller analyzes the social networks of his prospects, he listens to them, he creates qualitative content for these targets and uses it to exchange with them.

What results?

A good social selling strategy can significantly expand your network, win leads and ultimately generate sales. This also helps to better retain existing customers, to develop them with additional or cross-sales. In fact, Social Selling makes it possible to feed the 3 main processes found in Commercial Efficiency.

How to set it up?

Implementing a social selling strategy requires time, tools and specific skills. And above all, you have to ask yourself the right questions and provide all the answers required. eloRezo can lead your teams to acquire all the necessary skills carefully and sustainably thanks to our social selling training

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